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A Friend and Companion...

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There's a whole lot going on at PAD! We encourage you to stay on top of all our news and happenings by visiting our Facebook page.

PAD Attending Pet Expo
Patriot Assistance Dogs is proud to announce that we will be attending the GoNatural Pet Expo and Fundraiser in Stillwater on Saturday, May 16, 2020. This event will highlight food, treats, medical care, chiropractors, accupressure and so much more! More info...

Paddling Down the River for PAD
Veteran plans to kayak the length of the Mississippi to help raise money and awareness for PAD! Read more...

PAD Clothing Now Available!
Our clothing line with PAD logo is now available! Large selection of styles and colors. Check things out at PAD clothing.

Important Announcement
Due to the volume of applications we are receiving, we have reduced our service area to Minnesota and the border states of Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

PAD in the News & PAD Newsletter
Our graduates and veterans are making the news! News story...
Now available... A quarterly newsletter highlighting the latest news and events regarding our program. Latest issue...

Mission Statement...
Patriot Assistance Dogs provides highly trained, certified psychiatric service dogs to qualified U.S. Military veterans.
Values Statement...
We believe that veterans and dogs are entitled to be treated with respect and care for their emotional and physical well being. This results in highly trained, competent dogs and confident teams who continually improve their quality of lives.

Patriot Assistance Dogs fill a specific demonstrated need created by the veteran's disabilities. The goal of Patriot Assistance Dogs is to place these much needed assets with the veteran and at no charge to the veteran. The dogs used in this program may be donated, rescued or bred for the program.

Each Patriot Assistance Dog will be trained to meet individual veteran's needs by:

  • Reminding veteran to take medication
  • Interrupting harmful behavior
  • Leading away from stressful situations
  • Getting help when necessary
  • Waking from night terrors
  • Interrupting panic attacks
  • "Clearing" a room or apartment
  • Maintaining a veteran's personal space
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