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Celebrations & Memorials...

From time to time individuals choose to donate funds to Patriot Assistance Dogs at times of celebrations such as weddings or anniversaries. Others choose to give a memorial in honor of a special life. We would like to recognize these contributions, honor those named here, and thank each contributor for supporting the work we do with our Veterans and their dogs.

2020 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

Brian Scheer

From Ron & Joann Thompson

From Craig & Stacie Hebest

From Richard & Cindy Booke

From Gary Tomhave

From Alan & Darcy Koeckeritz

From Todd & Lori Langston

From Jeffrey McKeever

From Pam & Brian Scheer

From Ottertail Power Mgmnt.

2020 Contributions in Honor Of:

Giving Hearts Week

From Erin Badar

Ellie Mae

From Jack & Trina Harris

2019 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

Ardis Carvell

From Marcia Nelson

Richard DeLaney

From Ronald & Virginia Bratlie

Eugene 'Bud' Leinen

From Paul & Linda Thulen

Elly Engberg

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Jean Poehler

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Virgil Krogstad

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Stacy Kraemer

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Derek Simpson

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Ardis Mason

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Charles Allan Russall

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Louis Karsnia

Army Scout

From Raymond & Susan Pizarro

Anthony Smith

Army Medic

From Raymond & Susan Pizarro

Darwin Lusty

Navy Communication

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Ross Pederson

Army Reserves Medic

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Irv Olson

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Gene Brend

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Dale Jackson

From Paul & Linda Thulen

Marlys Ortlepp

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Sheila Ortlepp

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Margaret Bellefeuille

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Don Lefebvre

From Archie & Linda Wiedewitsch

Dave Alleckson

From Delores Alleckson

From Michelle Maier

From Jason Vinje

From Carey Kroll

From Jenny Hagen

From Jaime Thibodeaux

From Bernadette & Paul Wittekind

From Vincent & Cynthia DeSutter

From Richard & Kathleen Riedberger

From Chris & Sarah Wittekind

From Debra Hjermstad

From Nancy Trickey

From Michael & Marlys Esterly

From Larry & Rebecca Clark

From Nicholas & Lorilynn Clark

From Bob & Christy Brinkman

From Robyn & Terry Dwyer

From Mike & Rhonda Burke

From Mavis Vershelde

From Shirley Gawerecki

From Marilyn

From Dennis Steffen

From Eric & Jen Alleckson

From Bob Alleckson

From Bonnie Hanson

From Tom & Sandy Alleckson

From Jesse & Alissa

From Anonymous

Donna M. Hoffman

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

George Seley

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

Charles A. Russell

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

Jay Nelson

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

2019 Contributions in Honor Of:

The Peacocks


From Janet Hainlin


From Janet Hainlin

Mike Harris 60th Birthday

From Kimberly Schrippe

Marcia's Birthday

Vietnam Veterans

From Cornelius & Susan Hunter


From Troy Lade

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Cuppett

Canine Dental Health Awareness

From Raymond & Susan Pizarro

2018 Contributions in Honor Of:


From Diane & Roger Mann


From Eloise Irvine


From Mark & Cathy Hanson


From Ron & Deb Melcher

Gary Koth Service Dog 'River'

From Cathy Nelson

2018 Congratulations To:

Brandy & Marshall Erickson's Wedding

From Lorna & Vernon Hagerup

2018 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

Pomeroy Skoda

From Dorothy Fisher

Pomeroy Skoda

From Marilyn Lande

Ev Kjelbertson

From Susan Coleman

Jack Murray

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

From Raymond & Susan Pizarro

Donald Klaksvik

From Eric & Linda Gronner

From Ronald Leier

From Nate & Kristen Kolman & Family

Duane Tigges

From Iowa Emergency Management Association

Duane J Antonsen

US Navy Veteran

Keith Brody

From Walter & Mary Kulberg

Sally Kulberg

From Brad Kulberg

Jack Fay

From Daniel Fay

Helen Anderson

From Karen Anderson

From Kathleen Blackford

From Cynthia Zappa

2017 Memorials Given in Memory Of:


From Terry & Linda Beilke

From Bob & Barb Rice

From Ken & Kathy Carlson

Kristen O'Neal

From Rick & Kathy Michaelson

Marcella Jernberg

Sharon Fagerlie

Thomas Donald Moore

Army Veteran
From Vicky Workman

Mary King

From P.A.D. Board of Directors

Jerry Hanson

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

USAFSS Elmer Johannsen

From Tara Huwe

2017 Contributions in Honor Of:

Paul Sivigny

2016 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

David Rootham

From Jan & Sandra Rootham


From Darvin and Pamela Jahnke

Army Lt. Colonel Paul Cuppett

Wes Ohman

From Diane Hughes and co-workers

Wayne Coleman

USMC Major Fred Giroux

2015 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

Carla Forsythe

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

Joy & Brent Kaiser Wedding

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

Pat Johnston

From Linda & Archie Wiedewitsch

Phyllis Sasag

From Coleen Tietz

John McGovern

Jamie Cassavant

Dist 9 VFW Aux President

Elaine Erickson-Bowyer

Jack Hei

From Hellen and Paula Anderson

From Jack & Patricia Hei

From Michele Jackson

From Jeffrey Brower & Donna Dalton

From Norman & Lori Jackson

From Raymond & Eileen Muetzel

From Marian Ness

From Christine Campbell

From Marlene & Duane Harden

From George & Patricia Guenther

From Richard & Sandra Lunde

From Joseph & Mary Aiello

From Diana Lutz

From Duane & Pauline Prew


From dog owners Heidi & Dave

2014 Memorials Given in Memory Of:


2013 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

Catherine "Taffy" Peters

WWII Veteran & Korean War Wife
Renowned music performer & instructor

Chief Scott Fox

Pelican Rapids Police Department, Retired

Mr. Mark Wilson

United States Army 1969-1971, Vietnam
K-9 Handler, Mine Detection

Sgt. Christopher J. Bragelman

Lino Lakes, Centennial Lakes and Detroit Lakes Police Departments

Mr. Paul K. Ness

United States Army 1952-1954, Korean Conflict

Mr. Clair Wenger


Mr. LeRoy Squires

United States Air Force, Airman First Class
1957-1962, Korea
Patriot Assistance Dogs Board of Directors

2013 Congratulations To:

Brett and Kari Friesen

June 22, 2013

2012 Memorials Given in Memory Of:

Mrs. Caroline H. Remmen

Youth Firearms Safety Instructor
Assistant Campfire Leader

Mr. Don L. Sands

United States Army 1954-1956

Patrol Officer Chad E. Jutz

Detroit Lakes Police Department 1993-2012

Patrol Officer Clarence (Buddy) Gunderson

Frazee and Lake Park Police Departments, Retired
United States Navy

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